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Stacey is a graduate sports therapist with 7 years post university experience, interested in a large amounts of sports. She has worked with a variety of different sports the main one being semi professional football to a conference level. Stacey also has academy and senior ice hockey experience with a small amount of rugby league and union pitchside. This is travelling abroad with teams, treatment at training sessions and match day therapist roles, ensuring athletes are ready for the games. 


Stacey is mainly clinic based, where she can do assessments, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries! Both sports and non sporting injuries seen on a daily basis. 


Her skill sets range from sports massage, joint mobilisations, ultrasound, accunpture, tape and strapping including kinesiology taping.


MSc, Bsc hons MSST.


Also a NUCO first aid instructor and can teach all forms of first aid courses including children’s first aid (mini medics). 

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