'April was fantastic.  She found the route of the injury straight away. She was very professional,  providing me with personal rehab sessions and giving me exercises to do at home as well. A great company with great results',

'I would recommend Stacey. She is extremely professional. I have recommended her to others and everyone has been amazed by her

knowledge and how she has improved their problems' Caroline.

'I started going to see Lucy because of stress headaches and migraines. Lucy has been fantastic. She has treated  my neck and shoulders and

back and the difference is amazing. I would recommend Lucy to anyone. She is a great listener and such a lovely person. Thanks Lucy for the




difference you have made'


'Kate has magic hands,  If the worst happens and I develop a niggle, I can always rely on Kate's expert diagnosis and injury management advice


to get me back on track in the shortest possible time.   Kate is highly qualified and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  As a runner herself,


Kate understands a runner wants to keep running, and does everything possible to enable me to reach my running goals.'. Hazel